Zachary Gunston
Fictional Character
Days of Infamy
POD: March, 1941;
Relevant POD: December 7, 1941
Appearance(s): End of the Beginning
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: United States
Date of Birth: 20th century
Occupation: Fighter pilot
Military Branch: United States Navy
(World War II)

Lieutenant Zachary Gunston was a U.S. Navy pilot from Buffalo, New York.

Lt. Gunston was a Wildcat pilot during the U.S. Navy's first attempt to re-take the Hawaiian Islands from the Japanese. After the battle when all three US carriers were put out of action, he was forced to ditch his plane in the Pacific, giving him a limp much like Lt. Jack Hadley.

Gunston was the special guest of honor at Joe Crosetti's graduation ceremony. He delivered a rousing speech to the cadets, in which he expressed a little envy at not being able to join them, but was still proud that they would be able to learn from the mistakes he made. He then finished off by swearing them into the Navy.[1]


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