Flag of Yukon
Yukon is a territory in Canada. It is bordered by the Northwest Territories to the east, British Columbia to the south, and the U.S. state of Alaska to the south and west. It has a small coast on the Arctic Ocean. It became a territory of Canada in 1898, when it split from the Northwest Territories, due to the population shifts caused by the Klondike Gold Rush in the vicinity of Dawson City.

Yukon in The Two GeorgesEdit

Banksia was a province in the North American Union. It, Baffin, and Hudsonia, were the northernmost Provinces of the NAU. Banksia was bordered by Baffin to the east, Vancouver to the south, and Russian Alaska to the west, with a small north coast on the Arctic Ocean.[1]

Literary commentEdit

While most of the fictional NAU Province names have obvious historical or geographical meanings, the etymology of Banksia is uncertain.

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See Northwest Territories (Southern Victory) for Yukon in Southern Victory.


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