Young Moabite man
Fictional Character
"Occupation Duty"
POD: c. 1000 BCE
Type of Appearance: Direct, unnamed
Nationality: Moab
Date of Birth: 1980s (presumably)
Religion: Chemoshist

In the aftermath of a murder bomber attack, Pheidas heard screaming and saw a wounded Moabite woman bleeding severely. He ran up to give aid and flipped up her skirt to examine the wound. A young Moabite man nearby demanded to know what he was doing to the woman implying Pheidas was about to rape her. Pheidas replied he was going to try to fix her leg but if the man wanted to try, he was welcome to do so. The Moabite declined, told Pheidas to proceed and warned him to not to do anything dirty to her.

Pheidas thought he was crazy but then proceeded to tie off the bleeder and then bandage the leg. When he finished, he looked to the Moabite who grudgingly agreed he did what he said he would. Pheidas pointed to the burning command car and said that it was a Moabite who harmed the woman. The young Moabite replied that if the Philistinians weren't occupying Moab, then they would not need to do such things.

It quickly descended into a loud argument which Pheidas ended when he waved his rifle in the Moabite's general direction and told him to get lost. The man gave a parting insult of the superiority of Chemosh over Dagon but didn't have the stuff of martyrs and so backed away.[1]


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