Yeti Lama
Fictional Character
State of Jefferson
POD: Pre-history;
Relevant POD: 1919
Appearance(s): "Visitor from the East"
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Tibet
Religion: Buddhism
Date of Birth: c. 1935
Occupation: Holy man

The Yeti Lama (b.c. 1935) was a holy personage among the yeti of Tibet. When China invaded Tibet in 1959, many yeti were forced into exile, the Yeti Lama included.[1]

In August, 1979, the Yeti Lama sailed aboard the Heiwa Maru to Eureka, Jefferson in the U.S. in to meet briefly with the state governor, Bill Williamson, a sasquatch. The Yeti Lama selected Jefferson because of its history of openness and good relations between big people and little people. The final photo op went quite well.[2] Governor Williamson was careful to demonstrate how inclusive Jefferson was, bringing himself, his publicist, Barbara Rasmussen, the Yeti Lama, his retinue, and the Japanese crew of the Heiwa Maru all together for the photo op.[3]


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