These characters are members of the Yeager family in Worldwar.

  • Donald-adoptive son of Sam and Barbara, brother of Mickey
  • Ludmila Gorbunova-deceased Russian wife of Heinrich.
  • Heinrich Jäger-deceased distant relative from Germany.
  • Jens Larssen-deceased ex-husband of Barbara
  • Mickey-adoptive son of Sam and Barbara, brother of Donald
  • Barbara Larssen Yeager-deceased wife of Sam, ex-wife of Jens Larssen, mother of Jonathan, mother-in-law of Karen, grandmother of Bruce and Richard, adoptive mother of Mickey and Donald
  • Bruce Yeager-son of Jonathan and Karen, brother of Richard, grandson of Sam and Barbara
  • Diane Yeager-wife of Richard
  • Jessica Yeager-daughter of Bruce
  • Jonathan Yeager-son of Sam and Barbara, husband of Karen, father of Bruce and Richard
  • Karen Yeager-wife of Jonathan, daughter-in-law of Sam and Barbara, mother of Bruce and Richard
  • Louise Yeager-deceased ex-wife of Sam
  • Richard Yeager-son of Jonathan and Karen, brother of Bruce, grandson of Sam and Barbara
  • Sam Yeager-widower of Barbara, father of Jonathan, father-in-law of Karen, grandfather of Bruce and Richard, adoptive father of Mickey and Donald, ex-husband of Louise

Unnamed YeagersEdit

The probable biological mother of Mickey and Donald is encountered in Down to Earth but is not named. She and Nesseref spend a night in the same guest barracks in Egypt. This female approaches Nesseref and asks for ginger. Nesseref chides her on the socially destructive consequences of ginger use, to which the other female responds dismissively. Soon the conversation turns to the topic of hatchlings conceived because of unseasonable sexual behavior, and much to Nesseref's horror, the other female brags that, when she became gravid as a consequence of this side effect of ginger tasting, she immediately sold her eggs to unknown Tosevite agents in exchange for large quantities of the herb.[1]

Upon returning to Earth at the end of Homeward Bound, Sam, Jonathan, and Karen are introduced to a large number of descendants who were born in their absence. Most are unnamed.[2]


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  2. Homeward Bound pp 595-98

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