Fictional Character
Hellenic Traders
Set in OTL
Appearance(s): Over the Wine-Dark Sea;
Owls to Athens
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Rhodes
Date of Birth: 4th century BC
Occupation: Merchant

Xanthos was a merchant from Rhodes. He was friends with fellow merchant Lysistratos, among others. While Xanthos was honest and reliable, most people who knew him found Xanthos dull. Still, he was tolerated as he often had news of the wider Hellenic world. For example, as Sostratos was preparing for his first solo trading voyage with his cousin Menedemos, Xanthos informed Lysistratos that Kassandros, the commander in Europe, had ordered the execution of Alexandros, the son of Alexander the Great, and Roxane, Alexandros' mother, over the previous winter.[1]


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