Woodstock is a city in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. The city has a population of 40,902 according to the 2016 Canadian census. Woodstock is the seat of Oxford County, at the head of the non-navigable Thames River, approximately 128 km from Toronto, and 43 km from London, Ontario. The city is known as the Dairy Capital of Canada and promotes itself as "The Friendly City".

Woodstock in Southern VictoryEdit

As the Great War ground on in the Southern Ontario front, the American forces advanced past Woodstock. It had had a number of munitions plants but nothing but craters remained of them since the retreating Canadians exploded them to deny them to the Americans. Jonathan Moss' aerodrome was established there for his squadron's Martin one-deckers.[1]


  1. American Front, pgs. 472-473, HC.

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