Woodside is a ghost town located on the west bank of the Price River in the nearly uninhabited eastern part of Emery County, Utah, United States. Its fenced-in filling station is one of the only signs of human activity along the lonely stretch of U.S. Route 6 between Wellington and Green River.

Woodside in Southern VictoryEdit

Woodside was the initial staging area for the U.S. Army in 1941 when the Mormons rose once again during the Second Great War. The Army established a tent city to allow it to concentrate its forces prior to advancing deeper into Utah.

Armstrong Grimes exited his train here when his regiment was sent west to help put down the rebellion. He and his squad mates bivouacked in one of the many tents. The day after his arrival, the Mormons showed they had rudimentary airpower by dropping a crate filled with explosives and ten-penny nails from a biplane crop-duster.

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