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The Winter Olympic Games are a winter multi-sport event held every four years. They feature winter sports held on ice or snow, such as ice skating and skiing.

Winter Olympic Games in "Les Mortes d'Arthur"Edit

The terrestrial portion of the sixty-sixth Winter Games were held in Klagenfurt in United Europe but additional sports such as the five-kilometer ski jump could only be held on Mimas, a moon of Saturn. This was due to a combination of the six km peak in the center of the 130 km wide crater Arthur and the low .008g gravity. This combination was available only on Mimas.

Broadcasting live from Mimas were on air personalities Bill Bennett and Rannveig Aasen on behalf of Interplanetary Broadcasting Company. Providing color commentary for the five-kilo jump was Angus Cavendish, a bronze medal winner in the event during the 2192 Games. They were broadcasting the first day's event when the murder of three jumpers occurred on air.

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