Fictional Character
Set in the Future
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: Krolp
Nationality: Resident of United States
Occupation: Soldier, Criminal

Willig was one of several Krolp renegades who had fled his people and found refuge in the rump United States. When President Harris Moffatt III was deciding whether or not to fight the Krolp or let them mine for silver and a small amount of gold in northeastern Utah, Moffatt consulted with Willig and another renegade, Grelch. Willig suggested that the U.S. forget about fighting and simply head north. He even suggested that the renegades would come. Willig listened to Moffatt's plan for the use of guerrilla warfare, rather than a direct fight. He suggested out loud that such a plan might work, but his tone suggested he didn't believe it.

When the uprising did take place, Willig and Grelch were nowhere to be found.