The William and Mary Hotel was a luxury hotel in Victoria, NAU, named for English monarchs William III and Mary II. Col. Thomas Bushell, Capt. Samuel Stanley and Dr. Kathleen Flannery stayed at the William and Mary while in the capital investigating the theft of The Two Georges.

Capt. John Martin met them at the station when their train arrived and explained he had booked rooms at the William and Mary for the two men but hadn't realised Dr. Flannery was travelling with them and so had nothing for her. However, since Dr. Flannery was a local and had her own residence in town, this wouldn't present a problem. Dr. Flannery was not satisfied and insisted that she needed to continue to work closely with the two RAMs. Rather than be belligerent about it, she used charm and her physical attractiveness to convince Captain Martin to take her along to the hotel despite his misgivings.[1]

Capt. Martin's concerns were partially based on how most hotels in Victoria had been fully booked with the announced visit by the King-Emperor Charles III. The clerk at the hotel confirmed this but worked at it much more diligently when she discovered it had to do with the investigation of the theft of The Two Georges. She succeeded in reshuffling rooms (like a professional vingt-et-un dealer in a casino, Bushell thought irreverently) and put them up in rooms 525, 527 and 529. She added that she would worry about the marchioness when that worthy actually got into town.[2]


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