William Samuel Harris
William Samuel Harris
Michael Palin as Harris in the 1975 BBC production of Three Men in a Boat
Fictional Character
First Appearance: Three Men in a Boat
Author: Jerome K. Jerome
Turtledove Appearance: "Three Men and a Vampire"
Nationality: United Kingdom

William Samuel Harris, addressed by his friends simply as Harris, is a fictional character created by Jerome K. Jerome for his novel Three Men in a Boat. He was based on Carl Hentschel, a printer who was a friend of the author Jerome. The humourous trio of hypochondriacs reappear in the sequel Three Men and a Bummel.

Harris in "Three Men and a Vampire"Edit

Harris and his friends had many comic misadventures, recorded in a travel memoir by Jerome. However, their brushes with the supernatural are somewhat lesser known.

This article or subsection is a stub because the work is part of a larger, as-of-yet incomplete series.

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