Wilhelm I, German Emperor
Historical Figure
Nationality: Germany (born in Prussia)
Date of Birth: 1797
Date of Death: 1888
Cause of Death: Natural causes
Children: Frederick III, German Emperor;
Louise, Grand Duchess of Baden
Relatives: Wilhelm II, German Emperor (grandson)
House: Hohenzollern
Political Office(s): President of the North German Confederation,
German Emperor and King of Prussia,
other lesser titles
Turtledove Appearances:
Southern Victory
POD: September 10, 1862
Appearance(s): How Few Remain
Type of Appearance: Contemporary reference
Political Office(s): German Emperor
Wilhelm I, also known as Wilhelm the Great (22 March 1797 – 9 March 1888) of the House of Hohenzollern was the King of Prussia (1861–1888) and the first German Emperor (1871–1888).

Under the leadership of Wilhelm and his prime minister Otto von Bismarck, Prussia achieved the unification of Germany and the establishment of the German Empire.

Wilhelm I in Southern VictoryEdit

Wilhelm I's ambassador to the United States, Kurd von Schlozer, negotiated an alliance with the US with President James G. Blaine. This alliance served as foundation for the Quadruple Alliance.[1]

Wilhelm was the grandfather of Wilhelm II, who was Kaiser during the Great War. The elder Wilhelm was not as authoritarian as his grandson (or his great-grandson, Wilhelm III), wisely preferring to leave much of the administration of his newfound country to its extremely capable Chancellor, Otto von Bismarck.

In 1881, Alfred von Schlieffen incorrectly stated that Wilhelm I was one of the last surviving men to have fought under Emperor Napoleon I of France in the early 19th Century. In fact, the young Wilhelm fought against Napoleon, not under him.


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
New title
German Emperor
Succeeded by
Frederick III
Preceded by
Frederick Wilhelm IV
King of Prussia
Succeeded by
Frederick III
Political offices
Preceded by
Franz Joseph I of Austria
as President of the German Confederation
President of the North German Confederation
1 July 1867 – 18 January 1871
Confederation abolished
German Empire proclaimed