West Yellowstone is a small town in Gallatin County, Montana, adjacent to Yellowstone National Park. The population was 1,177 at the 2000 census.

West Yellowstone in SupervolcanoEdit

When Colin Ferguson met Kelly Birnbaum in Yellowstone National Park, they discussed the earthquakes that the park was subject to. Kelly mentioned a 7.5 magnitude quake in 1959 near West Yellowstone that killed 28 people and caused a landslide that blocked the Madison River and created Quake Lake.[1] Afterwards, Colin drove to West Yellowstone to see the site for himself.[2]

In the immediate aftermath of the eruption of the Yellowstone Supervolcano, Kelly realized that West Yellowstone had been wiped off the map.[3]

West Yellowstone in "Vilcabamba"Edit

The renegade Krolp who killed President Harris Moffatt II fled to West Yellowstone where he was finally killed by American forces. Precious little remained of what had been a small town to begin with, but the renegade was dead.


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