West Algarve was a rump kingdom established in the western portions of Algarve after the Derlavaian War. It was effectively ruled by Unkerlant even more completely than East Algarve was ruled by Kuusamo, Lagoas, and their allies. Despite this, West Algarve was still formally independent and had an Algarvian king recruited from a pool of pliable Algarvian nobles deemed acceptable to both Swemmel of Unkerlant and enough of the Algarvian population to have legitimacy.

A number of Algarvian nobles had turned down offers of the kingship of West Algarve, believing that accepting it would be treasonous to their country. This group included the dragon-flier]] Colonel Sabrino, whose outspoken opposition to many of Mezentio's more questionable policies made him Swemmel's first choice to rule the kingdom.

Eventually, the crown was placed upon the head of a fat man, who was at best Cottbus' third choice.

Literary NoteEdit

Within the Darkness series West Algarve is an analogue of post-World War II East Germany, being a defeated puppet state under the firm control of a totalitarian regime.