Wes Jones
Fictional Character
POD: Set in the future
Appearance(s): Eruption
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: United States
Religion: Methodist
Date of Birth: 20th century
Occupation: Engineer
Spouse: Ida Jones

Wes Jones was a retired aerospace engineer and neighbor of Colin Ferguson. He spent most of his spare time gardening so was not happy when the ash from the Yellowstone Supervolcano eruption covered his lawn with grey ash. The two chatted about it and possible health effects after the first ash-fall. Wes also pointed out the effects the ash in the atmosphere had on the sight of the rising sun, surrounding it with a hellacious halo and a pair of sundogs, one on either side.[1]

Wes had watched the Ferguson children grow up and was considered an honorary uncle so he asked after Vanessa who had been living in Denver when the volcano had erupted and was subject to much harsher conditions. When Colin replied he hadn't heard from her after the initial phone call, Wes indicated that his wife Ida needed to pray harder. She was much more devout than her husband or Colin but Ferguson replied that it wouldn't hurt. With that, the two went back to their respective houses to get out of the ash.[2]

When Colin married Kelly Birnbaum, Wes served as Colin's best man in a Jewish ceremony. Wes wore a yarmulke with the same ease as the rabbi while Colin's just stuck up on his head. Wes fit right in while no one would mistake Colin for a Jew, although he did accept the ceremony with good grace.[3]


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