The weather caused changes in the time-period of a given location. For example, when the weather was in the 60s, people appeared as they did in the decade of the 1960s, wearing the styles of that era. Technology and infrastructure also harkened back to that decade.[1] A pocket calculator from the 1980s would vanish and be replaced by a slide rule in the 1960s.[2]

Old FrontsEdit

It was not unheard of for dramatic changes in the weather to dramatically impact regions or even whole countries. Not long before Tom Crowell rekindled his relationship with Donna, an old front from Canada swept into the upper Midwest, causing several states to revert to the turn of the century. Grainy film-footage from Milwaukee showed people riding in horse-drawn buggies while wearing antiquated fashions. Communications broke down as modern telephones could not connect to telegraphs.[3] In a similar incident, where the weather fell into the 00s, hunger was a major concern.[4]


People managed their personal weather by use of year-conditioners. The appliances could be costly, and very often people were content with the 60s and 70s.[5]

Tom Crowell, a citizen of Los Angeles, was able to reunite with his former love, Donna in the 1980s by living in an apartment that was conditioned for the 60s.[6]


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