Washington may refer to the following characters of Harry Turtledove works:

First or middle name:

George Washington Custis Lee, historical Confederate General appearing in The Guns of the South.
George W. Rains, historical Confederate officer appearing in The Guns of the South.


Booker T. Washington, a historical reformer obliquely mentioned in In at the Death.
George Washington, the first President of the United States, referred to in a number of entries.
Abraham Washington and his sons Calvin and Luther, minor characters in the Southern Victory series.
Yeoman Washington, a minor character in The Two Georges.
Washington (Supervolcano), a family appearing briefly in All Fall Down, the second volume of the Supervolcano series.

Washington may refer to the following places:

Washington ("Washington State"), a state in the United States figuring in a number of works.
Washington, DC, the capital city of both the District of Columbia and the United States, a frequent setting for Turtledove works.
Washington (province), a province of the North American Union in The Two Georges corresponding to OTL Saskatchewan.
Washington and Lee University, a university in Lexington, Virginia, playing an important role (under its older OTL name of Washington University) in Southern Victory.
Washington Monument, a monument to George Washington in Washington, DC, relevant to Southern Victory and Worldwar.

The following newspapers are published in Washington, DC:

Washington Post
Washington Evening Star
Washington Times-Herald

The following sports teams have been based in Washington, DC:

Washington Senators (baseball)

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