Washington may refer to the following people, places and things featured in Harry Turtledove works:

First or middle name:

George Washington Parke Custis, historical historian referenced in The Guns of the South
George Washington Custis Lee, historical Confederate General appearing in The Guns of the South.
George W. Rains, historical Confederate officer appearing in The Guns of the South.


Booker T. Washington, a historical reformer obliquely mentioned in In at the Death.
George Washington, the first President of the United States, referred to in a number of entries.
Abraham Washington and his sons Calvin and Luther, minor characters in the Southern Victory series.
Yeoman Washington, a minor character in The Two Georges.
Washington (Supervolcano), a family appearing briefly in All Fall Down, the second volume of the Supervolcano series.

Washington may refer to the following places and things:

Washington ("Washington State"), a state in the United States figuring in a number of works.
Washington, DC, the capital city of both the District of Columbia and the United States, a frequent setting for Turtledove works.
Washington (province), a province of the North American Union in The Two Georges corresponding to OTL Saskatchewan.
Washington (steamer), an automobile brand in The Two Georges.
Washington and Lee University, a university in Lexington, Virginia, playing an important role (under its older OTL name of Washington University) in Southern Victory.
Washington Monument, a monument to George Washington in Washington, DC, relevant to Southern Victory and Worldwar.

The following newspapers are published in Washington, DC:

Washington Post
Washington Evening Star
Washington Times-Herald

The following sports teams have been based in Washington, DC:

Washington Senators (baseball)