The "Warren Commission" was an informal name for a commission established in 1965 by Fleetlord Atvar to investigate the choice by the late American President Earl Warren to allow the Race to destroy Indianapolis in retaliation for the American nuclear attack on the Colonization Fleet in 1962, rather than terminate the USA's space program. They were also puzzled by Warren's decision to commit suicide. The commission concluded that Warren had known exactly what he was doing and had the misfortune to get caught. The commission was headed by researchers Ttomalss and Felless, Chief of Intelligence Diffal, and former Shiplord Straha.

Literary commentEdit

The name "Warren Commission" in OTL refers to the task force appointed by Chief Justice Earl Warren to investigate possible conspiracy in the 1963 murder of President John F. Kennedy. The commission is often regarded in popular culture as being either woefully incompetent or insidiously corrupt. The Colonization storyline includes many subtle (and not so subtle) allusions to the Kennedy Assassination and other prominent mid-20th-century American conspiracies.

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