War of 1218
Location Detina
Result Victory for ethnic Detinans?
Ethnic Detinans *Blonds
Commanders and leaders
Unknown; King James the Madman's Son? Hesmucet
The War of 1218 was a war fought between Detinans and Blonds.

Very little is known of this war, beyond that during it Hesmucet, at least for a time, scored major tactical victories against the Detinans. It is clearly meant to be analogous to the War of 1812, during which Tecumseh, the inspiration for the blond Hesmucet, won some victories against the United States. Whether the mother kingdom was involved in this war, as Britain was in 1812, is not known, nor is it known whether the war was fought simultaneously with Great King Kermit's wars of expansion on the other side of the Western Ocean, as the War of 1812 was with the Napoleonic Wars. We cannot even be entirely certain that Detina won, though since Detina was seemingly militarily hegemenous over their region, and had certainly gotten the better of the blonds, by the time of the civil war, it can be assumed that they won either the War of 1218 or a subsequent conflict in which they retook whatever they had lost.

Literary CommentEdit

1218 may or may not indicate the year in which the war was fought.

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