Timeline of the history of War World Series

  • 1990: Series of treaties between the United States and the Soviet Union creates the CoDominium.
  • 2008: First successful interstellar test of Alderson Drive.
  • 2010: Habitable planets discovered in other star systems. Commercial exploitation begins.
  • 2020: First interstellar colonies founded. CoDominium Space Navy created. Great Exodus begins as the adventurous leave Earth to settle on other planets.
  • 2031: CoDominium Navy absorbs all other CD Armed Services.
  • 2032: Captain Jed Byers of the CDSS Ranger discovers a planetary sized moon of a gas giant and names it Haven.
  • 2038: Sauron is discovered by Avery Landyn, a survey pilot for 3M. World is rich in radioactive and heavy metals.
  • 2040: CoDominium Bureau of Relocation begins mass out-system shipment of convicts. First convicts arrive on Haven.
  • 2042: Initial attempts by 3M to colonize Sauron fail. 3M sells Sauron to wealthy English Separatists from Quebec and South African expatriates living in Canada and Australia.
  • 2048: CoDominium sends a consul general to Haven.
  • 2072: CoDominium Bureau of Relocation authorized to operate within Siberia, Russian Turkestan, Khazakstan, and Georgia due to “minority problems” in the USSR. Many shipped to Haven.
  • "Hang Together"
  • 2098: Saurons evict the CoDominium viceroy and declare their independence. They begin to build their own space navy.
  • 2103: Great Patriotic Wars. End of the CoDominium. Exodus of the Fleet.
  • 2110: Coronation of Lysander I of Sparta. Fleet swears loyalty to the Spartan throne.
  • 2111: Formation Wars of the First Empire begin.
  • 2250: Leonidas I of Sparta proclaims Empire of Man.
  • 2250-2650: Empire of Man enforces interstellar peace.
  • 2603: Secession Wars begin. Sauron Coalition of Secession declares its independence.
  • 2623: The 77th Imperial Marines (the “Land Gators”) leave Haven for Friedland. Its commander, Colonel Gary Cummings, retires and is appointed General and commander-in-chief of the Haven militia, the “Haven Volunteers”.
  • 2636: Last Imperial military ship passes through Byers’ System.
  • 2638: Piet van Reenan is exiled from Frystaat with a score of retainers. They are sent to Haven on a chartered merchantman.
  • 2640: Sauron First and Second Fleets destroyed at the Battle of Tanith. The Home Fleet is destroyed at the Battle of Sauron. Only one Sauron ship, the Fomoria, escapes the destruction of the Home-world undetected. After a long series of Alderson Jumps, The Sauron Heavy Cruiser reaches Haven.
  • "Those Who Lose"
  • 2644: Piet van Reenan mounts an attack on the Eden Valley. He forms an alliance with Ruth Boazsdaughter, an Edenite, taking the valley and thus begins the HaB

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