War World, Volume II: Death's Head Rebellion published in 1990 contains the following short stories:

    • Introduction (unattributed)
    • "The Face of the Enemy" - Don Hawthorne
    • "Death's Head Patrol" - Roland Greene and John F. Carr
    • "Strong Blood" - G. C. Edmondson
    • "Brenda" - Larry Niven
    • "Some Things Survive" - John LaValley
    • "No Such Thing as a Non-Lethal Weapon" - James Landau
    • "Loved Not I Honor More" - Martin Tays
    • "The Field of Double Sowing" - Harry Turtledove
    • "Far Above Rubies" - Susan Shwartz
    • "Tayok's Base" (unattributed)

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