War World, Volume I: The Burning Eye published in 1988 contains the following short stories:

    • "Prolog: Discovery" (unattributed)
    • "Haven" (unattributed)
    • "Dream Valley" - Edward P. Hughes
    • "The Toymaker and the General" - Mike Resnick
    • "The Deserter" - Poul Anderson
    • "Rate of Exchange" - Roland Green and John F. Carr
    • "The Coming of the Eye" - Don Hawthorne
    • "The Great Beer Shortage" - Janet Morris and David Drake
    • "Necessity" - S.M. Stirling
    • "Tribute Maidens" - Harry Turtledove
    • "A Lion to the Sea" - John Dalmas
    • "Discovery" (unattributed)
    • "Excerpt from Bar Lev's A Traveler's Tale of Twenty Worlds" (unattributed)

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