Fictional Character
Shared Universe Story
"The Man who Came Late"
Type of Appearance: Direct

Walacho lived in the small village that Alianora and Theodo made their home. A vicious drunk, Walacho was always sorry after but his family continued to suffer in the meantime. One evening, Alianora and Theodo along with their family and their guest Sir Holger approached Gerold's tavern and saw Walacho coming from the other direction. They saw that it had been magically replaced by The Old Phoenix inn and paused outside. Walacho also noticed but with only a slight hesitation entered the inn. The others, aside from Sir Holger, decided that the uncertainty that they would be able to safely exit the inn afterwards was too great and so did not enter. Early the next morning, Alianora one again approached and found Gerold's tavern restored and Walacho outside the door with an empty mug, sleeping it off.