Владимир/Vladimir is a Russian man's name meaning "great ruler," derived from the German-Danish Waldemar. Wladeslaw is the Polish form and Volodymyr is the Ukrainian. Wladeslaw has been transliterated to Russian as Владислав/Vladislav and there is a Czech form, Vaclav. In the works of Harry Turtledove, these names may refer to:

Characters named Vladimir:

Vladimir (Black Tulip), fictional Red Army soldier in "Black Tulip".
Vladimir Bokov, fictional NKVD operative in The Man With the Iron Heart.
Vladimir Federov, fictional Red Army man, minor character in The War That Came Early: The Big Switch.
Vladimir Gluzdovsky, historical Red Army general referenced in The Man With the Iron Heart.
Vladimir Lenin, historical Leader of the Soviet Union referenced in most Turtledove works involving the USSR.
Vladimir Ostrogorsky, fictional Red Air Force pilot, minor character in The War That Came Early: Last Orders.
Vladimir Putin, living Russian leader (formerly a Soviet officer), with a background role in The Gladiator.
Vladimir Zorin, fictional Red Air Force co-pilot in The Hot War.

Characters named Waldemar:

Waldemar Böhme, fictional Kriegsmarine captain, minor character in The War That Came Early: Coup d'Etat.

Characters named Vladislav:

Vladislav Kalyakin, fictional Soviet tank driver in The Hot War

Characters named Wladeslaw:

Wladeslaw (Worldwar), fictional Polish partisan, minor character in Worldwar: Striking the Balance.
Wladyslaw Sawatski, minor fictional character in Worldwar.

Characters named Vaclav:

Vaclav Jezek, fictional Czech soldier, POV in The War That Came Early.

Characters named Volodymyr:

Volodymyr Marchenko, fictional farmer, minor character in The Hot War: Bombs Away.

Places names derived from the same root as Vladimir:

Vladivostok, a city on the Pacific coast of Russia's Siberian regions, figuring in numerous Turtledove works.