Virgil and Vergil are the most common modern English names used for the Roman poet Publius Vergilius Maro (commonly know as Vergil) (70–19 BC). Virgil and Vergil are also given names or surnames made popular by the fame of Virgil. In the works of Harry Turtledove, Virgil may refer to:

Characters named Vergil:

The historical Vergil is referenced in "Clash of Arms", and a few other works.

Characters known solely by the name Virgil:

Virgil (mechanic), a auto mechanic and minor character in Eruption.
Virgil (Joe Steele), a labor camp guard and minor character in Joe Steele (novel).
Virgil (Worldwar), a sailor and minor character in In the Balance.

Characters with the first name Virgil:

Virgil Donaldson, a US Colonel and minor character in The Center Cannot Hold.
Virgil Earp, historical American lawman appearing in How Few Remain.
Virgil Hobson, a deliveryman and minor character in American Front.
Virgil Joyner, a driver and minor character in the American Empire trilogy.

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