Vicki dolls were a popular toy for girls in Germany. They came in a variety of styles and versions, such as the New Orleans Vicki (a pre-Civil War southern belle doll).

The dolls were manufactured in the United States through the use of prison labor. Keeping in line with the racist policies of the Nazi Party, all products looked perfectly Aryan.

Heinrich Gimpel purchased the New Orleans Vicki as a birthday present for Anna Stutzman. That particular version was a sought after toy. Nonetheless, Gimpel worried that the doll would be out of fashion by the time he gave it to Anna. It was not. Anna was quite delighted.

While observing two women fighting over the last Vicki doll in a store, Gimpel used psychology to settle the dispute, invoking the wisdom of King Solomon from Jewish history. This caused grief for Gimpel, as it gave his jilted admirer Erika Dorsch the idea to publicly accuse Gimpel of being Jewish - an assertion which, unknown to Dorsch, was correct.

Literary comment

The "Vicki" doll is an analog of the Barbie doll.