The Vice President of the Confederate States was formally the second highest position within the government of the Confederacy, below that of the Office of the President of the Confederate States.

According to the Confederate States Constitution, the Vice President's office was essentially identical to that of the Vice President of the United States. This included presiding over the Confederate Senate and breaking tied votes. The Confederate VP was also the first person in the line of succession. If the President died, resigned or was removed from office, the Vice President would become the new president for the remainder of his term.

The major difference between the U.S. and the C.S. Vice Presidencies was that the term in office was six years long. The President was explicitly forbidden to run for a second term by the constitution, but the Vice President was not.

In OTL, the office of Vice President ceased to exist with the C.S. after the end of the American Civil War. Only Alexander Stephens ever held the office.

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The Guns of the SouthEdit

Vice President Term Party President
1 AlexanderStephens Alexander Stephens 1861-1868 None Jefferson Davis
2 AGBrown Albert Gallatin Brown March 4, 1868
(assassinated minutes after taking office)
Confederate Party Robert E. Lee

Southern VictoryEdit

Vice President Term Party President
AlexanderStephens Alexander Stephens
1861-1868 None Jefferson Davis
All Unknown 1868-1880 None Unnamed
Lamar Lucius Q.C. Lamar 1880-1886 None James Longstreet
All Unknown 1886-1910 Whig Party Unnamed
Nophoto Gabriel Semmes 1910-1916 Whig Woodrow Wilson
Unknown 1916-1922 Whig Gabriel Semmes
Nophoto Burton Mitchel 1922
(Ascended to the presidency)
Whig Wade Hampton V
Vacancy 1922-1928 Burton Mitchel
Unknown 1928-1934 Whig Burton Mitchel
Nophoto Willy Knight 1934-1938
(removed from office)
Freedom Party Jake Featherston
Vacancy 1938-1940 Jake Featherston
Nophoto Don Partridge 1940-1944
(ascended to the Presidency)
Freedom Jake Featherston

On July 14, 1944, with the Confederate Instrument of Surrender, the office of Vice President ceased to exist along with the Confederate States.


While Alexander Stephens was the Vice President at the time of the POD in Southern Victory, he is never mentioned in the series. There is no reason to think that he did not serve an entire term, however.

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