Fictional Work
Story: Videssos
Religion: Phos-worship (as practiced in Vaspurakan)
Type of Appearance: Referenced

Vaspur was a mythological figure held by Vaspurakaners to be the first creation of Phos.  As all Vapurakaners were descended from Vaspur, all Vaspurkaners were princes, whether of noble blood or not. Vaspurakaners further believed themselves to be Phos' chosen people.

This belief in the existence of Vaspur was considered nonsense by most Videssians and non-Vaspurakaners. In fact, Zemarkhos, notorious for speaking out against Vaspurakaners and organizing pogroms, named his dog Vaspur as an insult.

Gorgidas postulated that the belief enabled Vaspurakan to keep a measure of independence from the Empire while still adopting the faith of Phos.

Literary NoteEdit

Vaspur is based on the figure of Armenian mythology, Hayk, held to be the great-grandson of the Biblical Noah and the father of all Armenians.