Varatesh's Outlaws were a group of outlaws, misfits, and bandits on the Pardrayan steppe. Made up of men who had been banished from their tribes, it was a mockery of the true clans of the Khamorth. They were led by Varatesh, who once had been a khagan's son before murdering his brother in a knife fight.

They came under the influence of Avshar, and became even more cruel and violent than they already had been. When the Wolves took in Viridovix as a clan-brother, the outlaws raided a herd, slaughtering the cattle and leaving the corpses filth-ridden and useless. It was remarked that this was beyond the pale in steppe warfare--the animals were the sustenance of all the nomads and were never targeted in war. 

They defeated an opposing alliance of Khamorth clans with the help of Avshar's sorcery, and for a short time controlled Pardraya until the Arshaum arrived from across the Shaum river.

In battle with the Arshaum, Avshar prepared to summon a swarm of demons to destroy the Arshaum forces, but the Arshaum shamans pre-empted him by conjuring a rain of frogs that scattered the Khamorth outlaws. The bandits were broken and defeated.

Their banner was a blank black field.