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For other people and places named Vancouver, see Vancouver (disambiguation).

Vancouver is a Canadian metropolis on the Pacific coast of British Columbia, the eighth largest by population in the country. While founded as a collection of logging settlements, and continued to depend on forestry, Vancouver is also one of the largest film production centers on the continent. Vancouver is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in Canada.

Vancouver in The Guns of the SouthEdit

After the British were defeated by the US in Winnipeg, the US Army launched a campaign from Oregon that captured Vancouver in British Columbia.

Vancouver in Southern VictoryEdit

Vancouver was Canada's main port city on the Pacific Ocean, and was home to a sizable combined British and Canadian fleet. During the Great War, the Royal and Canadian Navies kept the port city open, while blockading Seattle.[1] When the war finally ended, Vancouver was surrendered to the U.S..

During the mid-1920s, Vancouver was the site of an anti-American uprising that was quickly defeated.

In the 1930s, Japanese agents tried to stir up a rebellion against the U.S. occupation in Vancouver, leading to the Pacific War.


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