Van Nuys is a neighborhood in the central San Fernando Valley region of the city of Los Angeles, California. The town was founded in 1911, and named for Isaac Newton Van Nuys, one of its developers. It was annexed by Los Angeles on May 22, 1915.

Van Nuys in Household GodsEdit

Josefina lived in Van Nuys, operating a day care service from her home, until she had to leave the United States and return to Ciudad Obregón due to a family emergency.

Josefina's client Nicole Gunther of West Hills did not, at first, have to drop the children at Van Nuys on her way to the law office. Her husband Frank Perrin did that. However, when Frank abandoned the family, Nicole was forced to take on this chore, as little Kimberley and Justin would absolutely not hear of transferring to another day care. Ultimately, Josefina's departure rendered this matter moot.

On Josefina's last day in the country, Nicole encountered heavy traffic pile ups between Van Nuys and the law office.[1]


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