Fictional Character
"Counting Potsherds"
POD: 483 BCE;
Relevant POD: 480 BCE
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Persian Empire
Date of Birth: 1st century BC
Occupation: Governor of Yauna

Vahauka was the satrap or governor of the Persian province of Yauna. He had been appointed by Khsrish IV and had his residence in the seaport town of Peiraieus. He was a lean, grey-bearded Persian around fifty years old.[1]

When Mithredath arrived on his mission for Khsrish, the majordomo invited him to join Vahauka for dinner. Mithredath accepted and when he was announced by the majordomo, he begain to prostrate himself as though he was before Khsrish. Vahauka stopped him and offered his cheek for him to kiss. After supping, Mithredath explained he was to learn more of the deeds of Khsrish I in his conquest of Yauna. Vahauka fulsomely offered all the assistance he was capable of and Hermippos, the satrap's ganzabara, suggested Mithredath explore the ruins of Athens. Mithredath thought he had a point and set out several days later.[2]

On Mithredath's successful completion of his investigations, he returned to Vahauka's residence to draw on the royal treasury for funds to purchase passage home. However, he was forced to line up with the other supplicants and wait his turn. He thought Vahauka would signal him to come forward when he saw him but the satrap ignored him and continued to conduct business in order. When it was Mithredath's turn, he made to prostrate himself expecting Vahauka to stop him as he had before but Vahauka did not. When Mithredath rose he reported his mission a success emphasizing how pleased Khsrish, King of Kings would be. To his further surprise Vahauka yawned. The satrap then commented that he doubted that Kurash, King of Kings would care. He then ordered Mithredath to get out of his sight and to thank the gods that he didn't have his back striped for good measure.[3]


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