Uxellodunum was a Gallic oppidum located near modern-day Puy D'Issolu in France. Julius Caesar recounted in his The Gallic War how Uxellodunum was defeated when Caesar cut off the source of the fortresses' water.

Uxellodunum in AtlantisEdit

Uxellodunum's fate provided the model for Britain's ultimate victory in Atlantis during a mid 18th century conflict. After French commander Roland Kersauzon retreated into Nouveau Redon, English General Charles Cornwallis was determined that the fort should fall. Summoning his ancient history, Cornwallis remembered the fate of the Gallic fortress of Uxellodunum, and how it was ultimately taken. Like the Gallic fortress, Nouveau Redon's primary water source was a spring within its walls. Cornwallis proposed to Atlantean Major Victor Radcliff that the spring be cut off at its source. Much as Uxellodunum fell some 1800 years before, so fell Nouveau Redon.

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