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  • Zhukov15

    The Reconstruction Era

    After the Second Great War,or as it is known in these modern times:GW2,the defunct CSA was decimated.Most cities and towns(like Richmond and Lexington)were heavily damaged.A whole generation of men were lost in the fighting.The Negro population were horrendously reduced by the genocidal policies of Jake Featherston. In other words,the South was in tatters.

    And so,the Democratic US president Harry Truman(lead the country from 1948 to 1950) was the first one to start the rebuilding of the the image of the US.Truman realized the South must be developed again to truly join the US of A.Without this visionary man,the process to allow people in the South for the US Congress and full-fledged citizens of the US would…

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  • Zhukov15

    Why I think Turtledove Is betraying his loyal Readership Turtledovians of the world,revolt!You have nothing to lose but your boredom!

    Hi,I'm Zhukov15 and I'm here to tell the truth.Truth is,Turtledove is betraying us.How you may ask.By neglecting Southern Victory.Ever since I finished Settling Accounts,I am hungering for more.But more isn't coming.For some reason,Turtledove hasn't continued the series like he should have,which would have garnered him more recognition.I know most of you are gonna disagree with me but SV is the work that makes the most of readers want more!But he isn't obliging them!Why you may ask again.Because he paying more attention to upstart new series.In my eyes,that is a serious betrayal.

    We all know the series ends wit…

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  • Zhukov15

    The Truth

    March 1, 2013 by Zhukov15

    Hi I was wondering if any of you when the latest turtledove book is coming out.

    July 23, 2013. TR (talk) 00:00, March 2, 2013 (UTC)
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