I'm just saving this JS section here. See the Talk:Clement Attlee, 1st Earl Attlee for further details.

Joe Steele

Prime Minister Term Party
Neville Chamberlain


1937-1940 Conservative Party
Winston Churchill


1940-1946 Conservative Party
Clement Attlee


1946-? Labour Party

Neville Chamberlain's efforts to appease Adolf Hitler in 1938 merely delayed the inevitable Second World War, which broke out in September, 1939. As Germany drove across Europe and subdued France, Chamberlain was forced to resign. He was succeeded by Winston Churchill, who was forced to ally with two tyrants, President Joe Steele of the U.S. and Premier Leon Trotsky of the Soviet Union to defeat the rampaging tyranny of Hitler.

While the war in Europe ended in 1945, fighting continued against Japan until 1946. Shortly after Japan's defeat, Churchill was defeated by Clement Attlee. However, as the USA and the USSR had been the two countries to invade Japan proper, Attlee was not invited to the subsequent Wakamatsu Conference.

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