Personally, I really enjoyed the Timeline 191, or Southern Victory, series by Harry Turtledove. My favorite segments of the series were the Great War trilogy and Settling Accounts quadrilogy (That is the correct term, right? Quadrilogy?) However, as much as I enjoyed the series, I'd like to see where Mr. Turtledove takes it from here. We end the series with a sort of Cold War between Germany, the United States, and Japan. But what will be the result? A war in which two of the powers team up to conquer the other, or will it remain a three-way Cold War? Not to mention the new situation in North America. What will be the result of suddenly ending over 80 years of independence for the Confederate States of America? Obviously it will be a military occupation. But will it be one that lasts a mere decade, like the Reconstruction era of the OTL? Or will it be an occupation for a whole generation, like the one Nazi Germany endured? These are but a few of the questions that are hounding me. If anyone reads this, voice your desire to continue the series. And Mr. Turtledove, if you ever get to read this for some unforseen reason, please know that you're books are works of well-crafted, believable fiction. More importantly, they are true literary masterpieces. If it is not too much trouble, could you consider a continuation of this series? I'm sure that there are several others who agree with me and would love to see this series to the end. Thank you.

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