I just finished the third book Liberating Atlantis, thus completing the trilogy. I'm not sure if anyone will agree witth me, but I believe the series thus far holds great promise. What the series is to me is not so much a timeline of a mythical 8th continent, but the legacy of a famous family. Edward Radcliffe helped found the first settlement in Atlantis. Richard Radcliffe killed the Earl of Warwick (a.k.a. the "King" of Atlantis). Red Rodney Radcliffe was one of the most feared pirates of Avalon. William Radcliff ended the Golden Age of Piracy once and for all by sacking Avalon and killing Red Rodney. Victor Radcliff helped the English win the French and Spanish War, and later led the Atlanteans to victory in the Atlantean War of Independence. Frederick Radcliff led his fellow slaves to freedom by leading a slave insurrection to rid the continent of slavery once and for all. I'd like to be able to read more about the Radcliffes (now Radcliffs) and their adventures in Atlantis. I know it seems cliche to have a series follow the exact same timeline (America is founded, America goes to war over slavery, America enters World War I, America enters World War II, America enters Cold War, etc.), but I really want to see what the Atlantean version of these events are. What historical analogs will we be able to see (ex: Custis Cawthorne = Benjamin Franklin, Victor Radcliff = George Washington, etc.)? Will any more battles be fought in Atlantis? Will Atlantis impact the world greater, less than, or to the same degree as America? These are just a few of the questions I hope more Atlantis books can answer. More importantly, I hope Mr. Turtledove will include a map of the United States of Atlantis in these books. The maps he provided for the Southern Victory series were very helpful and allowed me to put the events of the book into context. It also would give us fresh insight on where exactly everything is, instead of just a rough description. If you disagree with anything I've said, go ahead and post it.

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