Last year, I read a AH story on and posted on the Spacebattle forum and, which pokes a crossover with Worldwar with SM Stirling's Domination of the Draka and John Ringo's Legacy of the Aldenata series. It takes with the Lizards having their ass kicked hard with the much more technological prowess of humankind and the notorious Domination of Draka during WW2 and finally evicted in the 1960s thanks to a Draka-made biological virus laced in ginger. By the 21st Century, the story picks up with the Legacy of the Aldenata series with humanity offered by the Galactic Federation (in which they had also had approach the "Race") in fighting against aggressive and locust-like aliens known as the Posleen.

Personally I found the story so deserving to have the "Race" get a boot up their anuses by the Drakas and the other human nations, and not going through that pansy ass scenario in the Colonization series and Homeward Bound. The good news of the invasion had the Drakas stalled from taking over Earth and allowing the other human nations (Alliance, Pan-European Federation, Empire of Japan, and Soviet Union) to be on equal footing against the Drakas, and for good reasons to be wary of aliens. Now currently-in-writing with humanity and Drakas forced together to fight against the Posleen after the Race, although reduced to copying some offered "GalTech" from the Galactics, are being invaded by the latter species or face the same situation that is in Earth's path.

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