Harry Turtledove has depicted the following alternate history versions of the United States Presidential election of the year 1940.

The 1940 election as depicted in The War That Came Early series, in which incumbent Franklin D. Roosevelt was re-elected in a three-way race against Republican Wendell Willkie and "isolationist" Republican candidate Alf Landon.
The 1940 election as depicted in the novel Joe Steele, in which Democratic incumbent Joe Steele defeated Republican challenger Wendell Willkie.
The 1940 election as depicted in the Southern Victory series, in which Socialist incumbent Al Smith defeated two challengers: Democrat Robert Taft and Republican Wendell Willkie.

Aside from these specific versions, many Turtledove works feature a point of departure after 1940, and so the 1940 election in those works is identical to OTL.

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