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The United States Naval Academy is an undergraduate college in Annapolis, Maryland, that educates and commissions officers of the United States Navy and Marine Corps. The Academy often is referred to simply as "Annapolis". It is also called "The Academy", "The Boat School", or "Canoe U". Sports media refer to the Academy as Navy; this usage is officially endorsed. The U.S. Naval Academy was established 10 October 1845.

United States Naval Academy in "News From the Front"Edit

On June 7, 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt spoke to gather midshipmen at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis. The President directly blamed media leakage of American military secrets for the ill course of World War II, claiming that newsmen cared more about getting a scoop than they did about the lives of American servicemen. The midshipmen applauded warmly; whether Roosevelt would have found such a friendly reception from civilians was a different question.[1]

United States Naval Academy in Southern VictoryEdit

Sam Carsten did not graduate from the United States Naval Academy. Many an Annapolis grad who met Carsten believed that had he been formally educated, he'd have been an officer much earlier in his career and an admiral by the time of the Second Great War.


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