The first USS Missoula was originally named Montana (Armored Cruiser No. 13; ACR-13) and was a Tennessee-class armored cruiser of the United States Navy. She was commissioned in 1908 and served with the Atlantic Ocean fleet before and during World War I. In 1920, she was renamed Missoula and reclassified CA-13 so that her former name could be used for a South Dakota-class battleship. Her name was struck from the U.S. Naval Vessel Register in 1930 and she was scrapped in 1935.

USS Missoula in Southern VictoryEdit

The USS Missoula was a U.S. Navy cruiser attached to the U.S. Pacific fleet defending the Sandwich Islands. During the Battle of the Three Navies, the Missoula took a direct hit from a British battleship, which also touched off the ship's main magazine. The cruiser blew up in a spectacular fireball, and she quickly sank with all hands lost.[1]


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