USS Lexington

The fourth USS Lexington (CV-2), nicknamed the "Gray Lady" or "Lady Lex", was an early aircraft carrier of the United States Navy. She was the name ship of the Lexington class, though her sister ship Saratoga was commissioned a month earlier. She was initially conceived of as a battle cruiser in 1916, but was recast as a carrier in 1919. The Lexington was in service from the 1928 until 1942. She was at sea during the attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941, but immediately launched search planes to find the Japanese fleet. Lexington was sunk at the Battle of the Coral Sea in 1942

USS Lexington in Days of InfamyEdit

The USS Lexington was able to engage the Imperial Japanese Navy in the early hours of the invasion of Hawaii, December 7, 1941, launching most of its planes. However, Japanese fighters under the command of Mitsuo Fuchida successfully sunk the carrier.[1]

USS Lexington in "News From the Front"Edit

The USS Lexington was sunk in the Battle of the Coral Sea in 1942. Its sinking was reported on by the Los Angeles Times, and became another black eye for the Roosevelt Administration.[2]

USS Lexington in The War That Came EarlyEdit

The USS Lexington was lost in 1941 while in action against the Japanese Navy.[3]

Literary CommentEdit

Although not stated directly, it is stated that the US has lost five carriers, but due to one being lost at Hawaii, and four being lost at Wake, it is never clarified which ones.


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