The USS Copahee (CVE-12) was a Bogue-class
World War II escort carrier that served in the United States Navy during World War II. Originally classified AVG-12, was changed to ACV-12, 20 August 1942; CVE-12, 15 July 1943; and CVHE-12, 12 June 1955. Copahee was redesignated as a helicopter escort carrier (CVHE-12) on 12 June 1955. Stricken for disposal on 1 March 1959, Copahee was sold for scrap in 1961.

USS Copahee in Days of InfamyEdit

The USS Copahee was one of the many escort carriers with the US Task Force that smashed the Japanese Fleet in April of 1943. After which, Copahee went on to support the US ground forces on Oahu. After Japanese air power had been wiped out, the Fleet's CAP's grew complacent, allowing a lone Zero fighter to slip through and bomb the Copahee. Though not seriously damaged, she was out of action for a while as her flight deck was repaired.

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