The Type 92 Helmet (1932). It was officially called tetsubo (steel cap) but was called tetsukabuto (Steel Helmet) by troops. It was made in the shape of a dome with a short protruding rim all the way around it (the paratroop version only had a short brim in the front). This helmet was made of a thin inferior chrome-molybdenum steel with many proving to be very fragile, being easily pierced by shrapnel and/or gunfire. A star (or anchor for the IJN) was soldered to the front and the helmet and star were painted mustard khaki. It was also able to be worn over a reversed field cap. Camouflage nets were widely worn over the helmet especially in the Southern theatre and Pacific island campaign.

Type 92 Helmet in Days of InfamyEdit

Many people, including the Japanese, thought that the new American helmet looked similar to the Type 92 Helmet in its design. This sometimes led to Hawaiian civilians mistaking the Americans who returned in 1943 for Japanese until they got closer.

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