The Type 88 75 mm AA Gun was an anti-aircraft gun used by the Imperial Japanese Army during the Second Sino-Japanese War and World War II. It replaced the earlier Type 11 75 mm AA Gun in front line combat service, and at the time was equal in performances to any of its contemporaries in western armies and was considered capable of handling any targets the Japanese army was likely to encounter on the Asian mainland. Although, it was soon overtaken by improvements in aircraft technology and was lately obsolete by 1941, it continued to be used on many fronts until the end of the war.

Type 88 75mm AA Gun in Days of InfamyEdit

After the invasion of Hawaii in 1941-42, the Japanese Army brought with them the 75mm anti-aircraft gun. They first saw action against the Doolittle raid in 1942. After the 1st failed attempt to retake the islands, the US Navy started attacking the islands with their flying boats, the 75mm guns were mainly used in night action. Although they sometimes succeeded in shooting some down, their efforts didn't end the night raiding.

When the US Navy returned in the spring of 1943, the 75mm guns were used in defence of the island once more. First, against the massive bomber raid that struck the island, and again when the US Navy fighters and attack planes supported the marines and army.

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