Japan bayonet Type 30

The Type 30 bayonet was designed to be used with the Japanese Type 30 Rifle and later used on the Type 38 Rifle and Type 99 rifle. The weapon was a sword bayonet with a 400 mm (15.75 inch) long blade and an overall length of 514 mm (20.25 inches). The weapon was manufactured from 1897 to 1945.

Early type 30 bayonets usually sported a hooked quillion guard which gave it a distinct look, but later models had a straight hand guard.

Type 30 Bayonet in Days of Infamy series|Days of InfamyEdit

As the US Marines and Army landed on Hawaii in 1943, they discovered that the Japanese soldiers made good use of their bayonet's. Because they had a hooked hand guard, the Japanese soldiers were able to grab a US bayonet, and with a quick twist, send the rifle flying, leaving the American defenceless.

Several men died before somebody figured out a counter to this weapon.

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