Alexander Gardner - 1865 - Tredegar (Detail of iron works)-1-
The Tredegar Iron Works was a historic iron foundry in Richmond, Virginia, United States of America, opened in 1837. During the American Civil War, the works served as the primary iron and artillery production facility of the Confederate States of America. The iron works survived destruction during the Evacuation Fire of 1865, and continued production through the middle of the 20th century.

Tredegar Iron Works in Southern VictoryEdit

The Tredegar Iron Works was the largest of its kind in the South, a fact that played a significant role in the decision to relocate the capital of the Confederacy from Montgomery, Alabama, to Richmond in May 1861.

After the War of Secession, it continued manufacturing arms for the CSA, turning out rifles like the Tredegar Carbine, Tredegar rifle and Automatic Rifle.

The Tredegar Iron Works was destroyed by US bombing raids during the Second Great War.

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