The Tredegar Automatic Rifle was one of the primary Confederate infantry weapons during the Second Great War. The Tredegar Automatic Rifle was designed in an attempt to offset the numerical superiority that the United States Army had on the battlefield. The theory was that if every Confederate was armed with an automatic weapon, they would be more than able to face superior numbers of US Soldiers. The Tredegar Automatic Rifle was fed with a twenty-five round magazine.

Many US soldiers willingly discarded their bolt-action M1903 Springfield rifles and used a captured Tredegar Automatic Rifle if the opportunity arose. Seeing as its ammunition was incompatible with that of the Springfield, they would have to strip ammunition from the bodies of Confederate soldiers. While this proved a problem during the early days of the war when the US Army was in constant retreat, that did not discourage the acquisition of the Tredegar. During the 1943 campaign, ample supplies of Tredegar Automatic Rifles and their ammunition were salvaged or captured by the US Army, making the Tredegar a more appealing choice of weapon. The paratroopers that seized Lookout Mountain in Tennessee were often armed with the Tredegar.

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