The Guns of the South
Species: Horse (Equus ferus caballus)
Date of Birth: 1857
Date of Death: 1871
Cause of Death: Euthanasia by gun when sick with tetanus
Traveller is one of very few non-human characters in this wiki who are actually historical.

Traveller (1857-1871), originally named Greenbrier after the Virginia county where he was born, was Robert E. Lee's preferred horse during the American Civil War. He is considered to be perhaps the best-known and most-loved warhorse in American history.

Traveller in The Guns of the SouthEdit

During the Second American Revolution, Lee rode Traveller into Washington City in triumph in 1864, and found many Army of Northern Virginia soldiers eager to hold the horse's bridle while he entered the White House to confer with President Abraham Lincoln.